Premium Boarding School Hampers

Premium Boarding School Hampers

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 Our Boy Boarding School Hamper has all the essential items for a teenage girl in boarding school. The hamper includes the following:

x20 Noodles (75g), x3 Diluted Juice (1l), x2 Sugar (2kg), x2 D'lite Cereal (250g), x4 Tinned corned Beef (100g), x4 Tinned Fish Sardines (155g), Maq Laundry Soap (3.5kg), Biscuits (Mini Cheddars, Red Label, Ginger Nuts), x2 Tomato Ketchup (1l), x2 Mayo (750kg), x4 Crisps (105g), x2 Peanut butter (400g), x2 Lotion  (400mls), x2 Roll On, x2 Cornflakes (1kg),  x2 Toothpaste, Tissue 10 pack, x4 A4 Exercise book, x2 Black Pens, x2 Blue Pens, x2 Red Pen, x5 Highlighters, x4 Baked Beans (400g), Sun Jam (500g), Powdered Milk Nido, x3 pencils, Toothbrush, Soap (x3 bars 150g) - (Girl Includes x6 Sanitary Towels)

Brands and Images featured are used as a guideline to show what is in the hamper. 

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