Mbasela  Classic Hamper

Mbasela Classic Hamper

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Our Medium Hamper has the basic and a few extra items for the kitchen and household. This is ideal for a family of up to 3 and should last for 2 weeks . The Hamper Includes the following:

Maize meal 10kg, Sugar 1kg, Beans 1kg, Fish 1kg, Tea Bags (50 per pack), Rice 5kg, Salt 500g, Dishwashing Soap 750ml, x2 Soap 150g, Laundry Detergent 400g, Toilet Paper 4 rolls, Loaf of Bread, Margarine 250g, Long Life Milk, Potatoes 2kg, Cooking oil 2.5l, Whole Chicken, Beef 1kg, Tomato pack, Onion Pack.

We have added an option to add some meat items.

Medium Hamper plus Meat includes:

Beef (2kg), Mince (1kg), Borewores Sausages (1kg), Chicken Portions (4kg) 

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