The New Classic Collection 2022

Welcome back to the Zasik Global Blog. 
First of all, Happy New Year 2022 is here
What a crazy past few years that we have had. I only have you to thank for trusting us to deliver groceries and household products to your family during this pandemic.
In late 2021 we sent out a survey to you asking you what your thoughts were about the hampers and packages.
Here were some of your words:
"The mission statement and the customer service is really great. Also glad I chose to use this great service."
"One of its kind! Commendable service."
"Great selection/options and convenience"
"Convenient and ease of use"
"This service was so personalised and appropriate for family in Zambia"
You have helped us to understand what your needs are. Many of you wanted some healthier options included in each hamper and others wanted extra value where possible. We have made sure to include vegetables in each Zasik Global Classic Hamper. 
A number of you have reached out privately via our email ( and on social media (Fb: Zasik Global, Instagram: to organise  bespoke hampers. Now although we have not yet added this functionality officially to the website. We are able to  create a bespoke hampers for you the customer where possible with a minimum order of £35. 
Thank you for your feedback here is "The new Classic collection". 
We look forward to delivering groceries to your family this 2022. New Collection brochure 2022

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