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Bespoke order: 

Sugar 1kg
Beans 1kg
Fresh Fish 1kg
Tea Bags (50 per pack)
Oats 500g
Rice 5kg
Cornflakes 1kg
Pasta 500g
Salt 500g
Dishwashing Soap 750ml
x2 Soap 150g
Laundry Detergent 1kg
Toilet Paper 8 rolls
Toothpaste 140g
Loaf of Bread
Margarine 250g
Long Life Milk
Diluted Juice
Tray of eggs 30
Fresh Milk 2l
Jam 500g
Crisps 105g
Tomato Ketchup 325mls
Mayonnaise 750g
2l Coca-Cola and Fanta
Cooking oil 1l
Potaoes Pack sack
Whole Chicken
Beef 1kg
Polony 150g
Tomato pack
x2 Baked beans
x2 Corned beef
x4 Sardines 
Peanut butter