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Introduction to Zasik Global


Hello all,

First of all thank you for visiting the site it means a lot to us. 

Just a brief background on how the Zasik Global started. I was brought up by My grandparents while my parents were abroad studying, my grand Parents valued community and agriculture as the back born of society and life. Some of my earliest memories are the sunflower fields that my family used to grow. I am very inspired and grateful for the the insight that has allowed me to start this company. 

So how did we begin? During the Covid 19 pandemic, I was tasked with helping to sell some of the farms produce to my Zambian friends all over the world. We had about 80 bags and managed to sell them within a week. I could see that there was a lot of potential and thus I got to working on what is now Zasik Global Enterprises LTD. 

Zasik Global is an online purchasing solution which allows Zambians living in the diaspora to buy household products and groceries for their family and friends in Zambia. Many at times we want to send gifts and do not have the means to. Zasik Global provides that solution,

We source our products locally, working with suppliers and farmers and currently offer a doorstep delivery service in Zambia along the line of Rail from Chilalabombwe to Monze in Southern Province.  The distribution and logistical centre is located in Kafue . 

We are in the process of setting up collection centre in all the provincial capitals of Zambia for a one ward delivery to the towns in each province. 

We as a team hope that you can be a part of the journey and appreciate your support thus far. 


Stay blessed. 


Monde Zama (Owner of Zasik Global)

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